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ZOFRAFA Ltd. has the pleasure to present to  you the catalogue DISPLAY SHOP. It is an optimal collection of over 2000 products in the field of :


         • offices and show-rooms

         • exhibitions and presentations

         • shops and stores

         • point of sale

Divided into the following product classes:

      1. Poster holders    

      2. Poster frames    

      3. Poster displays and poster stands    

      4. Exhibition,presentation and fair displays and stands    

      5. Brochures Holders and Stands    

      6. Booklet/Leaflet stands    

      7. Sheet,label,price and promotion holders and stands    

      8. Price and promotion accessories    

      9. Promotion tables    

      10. Advertising Shelves Displays and custom-made product stands

         - Shelves Displays
         - Custom-made Displays        

         - Racks, stands and displays for products made of PVC or Acrylic     

       11. Displays, stands, racks for shops and stores. 

    ZOGRAFA Ltd. is a producer and an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the American company ROSE DISPLAYS Ltd. – a leading company in the world of displays for visual communication, poster-hanging systems and promotional signs for stores and trade chains.     

Thank you for choosing ZOGRAFA!